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All it takes is a Simple Secret recipe. The Simple is to never complicate. The Secret is to know when to change the recipe.  – Luis Gouveia

Our intentions for Raise Newark Inc. started as a simple plan to be the go-to directory solution for Newark NJ.  After meeting local business owners and entrepreneurs we soon learned many had no website, no brand, non or small social media presence, no marketing strategy and almost all felt stuck in a daily routine. This concerned us. We knew we had to help these struggling businesses and business owners.

EPIPHANY STRUCK US. With over 18 years of business and marketing experience in 12 different industries, we revamped Raise Newark to a full-service marketing, design and business consulting agency.

Since we made our services public, we have worked with hundreds of companies not only in Newark, but all of New Jersey, New York and Florida – where we proudly take the name Raise Newark.

OUR FOCUS: We have made it our mission to revolutionize the Information Age for your business, no matter how big or small. If you have a dream or desire to grow your business we may be the right fit for you. Let’s talk.

Who Knew?

The path to success is littered with great ideas poorly marketed. Don’t let yours be one of them.

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