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Should my business have a responsive website?

Its is extremely important that your website is built to be responsive.  If your websites does not adjust to all devices chances are search engines such as Google and Bing are not ranking your website. Its time for an update.

Why is local SEO important for my website and business?

Local SEO Search Engine Optimization dramaticly encreases your businesses only profile to potencial local customers.  Chances are that your competition is using Local SEO tactics.  Your business should be easy to find.

How important is it for my business to be on different directories?

Chances are people are using a smart phone to find you but not all people use the same search app or search engine.  Many directories have thousands if not millions of loyal users, that use that option to look for solutions to their problems. We have access to hundres of local, domestic and international directories from one backend. We can publish your business everywhere.

How important are reviews and should I respond to them?

The review is the new word of mouth.  If your compnay is getting reviews you should have someone respond to them.  No matter how positive or how negative they are.  Responding to all reviews shows that you care about your customers.  However, with so many different review websites, how will you know that you have responded to all of them.  And how can you leverage the power of reviews.  We have a simple yet powerful solution for this.

My business is on social media why don’t I build and attract my audience?

Having a business profile on social media is half the battle.  You must understand you audience.  Are you posting frequently enough? Are you getting their attention? Is what your posting something they want to see?  Once you can honestly answer these questions you can attract your audience. A simple solution would be to hire us.  Chances are we already worked on campaigns in your industry and we can help you post frequently, relevantly and attract the attention of you audience.

When is the right time to do digital ads for my business?

All the time is a good time to do ads.  But we don’t want you to do ads at a good time.  We want you to advertise at a great time.  However, something must be done before then.  Is your website built correctly?  Do you have landing pages? What do you want the person seeing your advertisement to do? These are some of the many questions we ask to make sure you are ready to digitaly advertise.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

It would be difficult to answer every question on this website. Send us your question and we will do our very best to answer it.

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