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Get more customers at your store and online.

You have a great retail space, perfect location, great products and unbelievable pricing.  But you need more customers. Right?  We can help.  From web design, to marketing and setting up your everyone online store.  We have you covered.

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Who to How? Answers for your Industry.

We are able to reach any type of customer you are targeting.   It truly depends on the size of your company and what you are able to do.  The rest is easy.

We have a number of solutions that fit your industry. Consulting, Digital Advertisement, Listings Pro, Local Directory, Local SEO, Social Posting, Web Design and more.  Let’s take a look how everything is running, then we can have a conversation regarding the best solution for your business at this time.

Many of our clients come to us at different times. They usually have these issues: want to increase sales, want more exposure, want to restructure the business, want a website, want help with social media, want help with hiring/firing staff, want help motivating staff, etc. Many of their wants are actual needs.  If you have any of these issues, we are the right company.

Raise Newark was designed to work as a retail store. Granted we only have a few items, but the concept is all the same.  We know the ins and outs of your industry and the solutions it needs.

We take a look at what you need the most.  Is everything in order?  Let’s have a conversation before decisions are made.

We can help your business by looking at it from the customer’s view, staff’s view and a digital perspective. Many businesses get caught up on the day to day and forget to take a step back to analyze the goal, tasks, and growth of the business.

How it works


A conversation can give us insight to your business issue and concerns.  When we consult we generally ask questions you haven’t thought of. We are goal oriented – they are your goals and we help orient them to fruition.


Now that we see your company through your eyes, let’s work to make it better.  Our team will audit your business’s online appearance and fluidity, research your current market and competition with this we create a strategy.


Putting your marketing and business goals on the same path will ensure success. The solutions that we provide will work hand and hand as your business and team grows.  Simple and transparent is our strategy.

“As an individual that was raised in Newark, I am excited to see this group do great things for the city I was raised in. This group is a well-needed facelift for the city of Newark so we can show other people we are more than what the news portrays us to be. Thank you to you guys for stepping up and making the changes most people are afraid to pursue.”

– Karan Malhotra


Should my business have a responsive website?

It is extremely important that your website is built to be responsive.  If your websites does not adjust to all devices chances are search engines such as Google and Bing are not ranking your website. It’s time for an update.

Why is local SEO important for my website and business?

Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, dramatically increases your businesses only profile to potential customers when searching for a business like yours.  Chances are that your competition is using Local SEO tactics.  Customers usually choose a business from the first page on a search engine. If your business online profile is not on the first page, you may be loosing customers. Your business should be high ranking and easy to find.

How important is it for my business to be on different directories?

Chances are people are using a smart phone to find you but not all people use the same search app or search engine.  Many directories have thousands if not millions of loyal users, that use that option to look for solutions to their needs. We have access to hundreds of local, domestic and international directories from one backend. We can publish your business, lock the information, and insure your information is seamless on all platforms.

How important are reviews and should I respond to them?

The review is the new word of mouth.  If your company is getting reviews you should have someone respond to them.  No matter how positive or how negative they are.  Responding to all reviews shows that you care about your customers.  However, with so many different review websites, how will you know that you have seen and responded to all of them,  and how can you leverage the power of reviews?  We have a simple yet powerful solution for this.

My business is on social media why can’t I build and attract my audience?

Having a business profile on social media is a must. Knowing which social media platforms to be on is also important.  You must understand your audience.  Are you posting frequently enough? Are you getting their attention through your content? Is your content directed to your specific customer? Social media is a science on it’s own and what works for your personal profile will not work for your business profile. We have extensive experience and industry specific solutions for a direct market social media audience. Your simplest solution is to hire us.

When is the right time to do digital ads for my business?

All the time is a good time to do ads – is what you expect to hear and what many other companies tell you. Good news is we are upfront about all the playing parts attached to digital ads. Digital ads only truly work when every component of your business online’s profile is built to work seamlessly.    We make an online profile assessment audit on your business before making any digital ads recommendations.  Each company is unique in this facet.

Let’s build something important together.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man that stops a clock to save time.”  – Henry Ford

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