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If content is king, then conversion is queen.

Digital advertisement is tricky business. Sure you can post on social media, boost your post, and get hundreds of likes. Here’s a little hint: Likes don’t equal money. As a business owner or manager, you want to invest your time and money wisely and precisely to your targeted customer. We have an advantage:

• Raise Newark uses agent platforms. Agent platforms provide in depth targeted marketing.

• Raise Newark employees are certified through all digital platforms we are partnered with.

• Raise Newark provides transparent content and conversion reports monthly.

Digital Advertising strategies, trends, and techniques change at speed of light, and so do we. With monthly updated and refresher courses, we are always excited to share and create new ADS for the world to see.

I need conversion

Yes,  I am interested. But I have more questions.

How it works


Firstly we need to understand where you were, are, and want to be in your business and goal space. Through a proprietary in house analysis we can pinpoint where you should be.


Strategy is delicate and detailed to assure the desired outcome. Each campaign requires a new strategy as each image/artwork delivers a slight different message even if it’s for the same outcome.


Setup requires focused outcome deliverance per platform, per campaign. This detailed and intricate process is what transforms content into conversion for your business.

Display Advertising.

Successful display advertisement strategies allow for better new customer conversion by placing relevant and interesting ads in front of them at the right place and right time.

The average person is on social media for about 2 hours each and every day and 81% of Americans has a social media profile.  This is your best audience.

We create ads they want to share.

The advertisement we create for our client is unique per industry, client and business.  We like to be as far out the box as possible, because we know that your targeted new customer is hangin out there.  Our unique approach gets people to organically share ads that look like posts and vice versa.

If she shares it, they want it.

We work closely with internal and external designers to create ads that people will share with their social network.  Imagine the power of your advertisement (aka: personal billboard) on everyone’s hand – their phone. Our strategy is so well developed that we target clients specifically to what your needs are such as; location, demographics, age, income and so much more.

“As an individual that was raised in Newark, I am excited to see this group do great things for the city I was raised in. This group is a well-needed facelift for the city of Newark so we can show other people we are more than what the news portrays us to be. Thank you to you guys for stepping up and making the changes most people are afraid to pursue.”

– Karan Malhotra

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.

You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.

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