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Does your business need more visibility?

Raise Newark Directory provides you with a smart set of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the community. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, Raise Newark Directory is a fun and friendly place to hook up with your existing customers and invite new customers to know you.

Raise Newark Directory has a vision. New features and updates coming soon.

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How it works


A conversation can give us insight to your business issues.  When we consult we generally ask questions you haven’t thought of. We are goal oriented – they are your goals and we help orient them to fruition.


Now that we see your company through your eyes, let’s work to make it better.  Our team will audit your businesses online appearance and fluidity, research your current market and competition. Then create the right strategy for growth.


Putting your marketing and business goals on the same path will ensure success. The solutions that we provide will work hand and hand as your business and team grows.  Simple and transparent is our strategy.

Only Newark Businesses.

The big marketing platforms drive and divert customers from your business. If you search for the service you provide, chances are that Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook and others directories show you, your business other Newark businesses and businesses outside of Newark.

Lets keep our money in Newark.

Our directory limits the search to only Newark businesses hence providing our local businesses with more potencial customers and less money leaving our city.

Why Raise Newark Directory?

Raise Newark Directory creats strength in our community.  Bringing residents closer to businesses and allowing local businesses the power to gorw and provide better services to our community.

Why should Newark Businesses succeed?

Newark businesses employee many of our neighbors, friends and family. Local businesses help Newark grow and build profitable communities.  It’s a win win for everyone.

When can I use the directory?

The Directory is live on raisenewark.com  you can use any device that has an internet connect to view local businesses. Our apps will be out very soon.

How can I add my business?

You can add your business by clicking here.  Not all businesses will be allowed to be added.  We like to keep our directory PG.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

“Raise Newark has helped us achieve a growth that can only be defined by a pure understanding of our industry.  They took the time needed to truly work with us and understand what needed to be fixed.”


Take Control. Get Found.

“Opening the doors to your business is no longer enough to succeed. Business owners and managers now face a challenge with extremely educated customers. They look for you and research you online before stepping foot in your business. If you are not found, they will go to your competition. Period.” – Claudia Gouveia

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