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Be in control of your business data!

We help customers choose you by creating the most complete, enhanced, and accurate presence on all the search engines, maps, apps, and local directories where they search for local businesses on over 100+ platforms. The enhanced listings are locked and secure for your businesses protection.

Secure my data!

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How it works


We run a free scan of your businesses current online profiles & audit it. Your account manager will set up a meeting and collect your accurate business information.


Create, enhance, match, add, sync, lock, suppress, list and map marker your new listing(s) to be distributed throughout 100+ platforms to provide consistent and accurate information.


You receive a Listings Pro Analytic Report monthly. Ensuring all information is consistent and locked throughout all platforms. Who knew online business profile insurance is so easy.

Oh No!

Inconsistent business location, hours, and image information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines cost you real customers.

Take Control. Get Found.

We create an accurate and enhanced online profile that will instantly sync, suppress duplications, and lock your information across 100+ online platforms.

Basic vs Enhanced listings.

When it comes to online business information, less is not more. Enhanced listings with images, reviews, descriptions, directions, and contact info, are far more effective.

Enhanced listings.

Simple yet powerful. Increases visitor retention and visits to your business in other online platforms.

Build trust.

Accurate, consistent, and enhanced listings build trust with customers before they even walk in your front door.

Listings Pro – POWERFUL.

Preventing your competitors from implementing changes in your profiles. Every business needs one. Get started now.

“Hard working group that are always dedicated to the customer. Always accessible and full of bright ideas and concepts. Wishing much continued success!”

-Demetrios Frangias

Publish everywhere and on every device accurately and securely.

“In the Information Age, a businesses work and word is published online for all to see. Sometimes it gets manipulated along the way. That is why securing online data is so important.” – Claudia Gouveia

Secure my data!
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