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Let’s face the facts.  Marketing is all about engagement and social media does exactly that.  Does your social media speak entertainment and engagement or just business?  Chances are, if you are only communicating business you are missing out on a huge opportunity of obtaining more clientele. Research shows that people interact more with companies that entertain them and for that reason they choose to use that company.

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A conversation can give us insight to your business issues.  When we consult we generally ask questions you haven’t thought of. We are goal oriented – they are your goals and we help orient them to fruition.


Now that we see your company through your eyes, let’s work to make it better.  Our team will audit your businesses online appearance and fluidity, research your current market and competition. Then create the right strategy for growth.

Proven ROI

Putting your marketing and business goals on the same path will ensure success. The solutions that we provide will work hand and hand as your business and team grows.  Simple and transparent is our strategy.


What does your Instagram profile say about your business?  Who is your audience?  What does your audience want to see? Where is your audience?  What is your conversion? Many of these questions can be forgotten or overlooked when your using the wrong tactic for the wrong platform.  We have researched and analyzed all the different tactics used with Instagram.  We are proud to say we are experts.


Face it.  Facebook has had more updates this year then their entire business cycle.  The question is, is your facebook profile up to date and are you using it correctly? Same as all the major platform, Facebook likes to be the same yet more comprehensive. Studies show that on average people spend 1.5 hours on Facebook each day.  That is a huge opportunity to put your message in front of the right audience.  Take a look at your social media as if you were one of your customers/clients.  Would you stay on your page?  Would you interact with the posts?


Twitter seems to be getting on the bandwagon again.  For a while it was the joke of all social media platforms. However, this year alone Twitter has shown us that it is not ready to through in the towel just yet.  With their new advertisement portal and extended character count we see great opportunity for the platform.  So we decided to put our research team to work.  We now know when Twitter is going and we are confident that our tactic will be successful.

“Raise Newark has helped us achieve a growth that can only be defined by a pure understanding of our industry.  They took the time needed to truly work with us and understand what needed to be fixed.”


Does your social media content need a boost?

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